Colorado’s Statewide E-Bike Rebate Program: Unveiling a Vision of Sustainable Mobility

E-Bike Rebate Program by Palance Root: After the massive success of Denver’s e-bike rebate program, the state’s Energy Office will launch its own. Why it matters: Colorado’s Statewide E-Bike Rebate Program, The program makes bike purchases more financially accessible to people and can reduce the number of cars on roads, which means cutting down on emissions contributing to climate change.

Details: The state’s program will offer a $500 rebate for people making between 80% to 100% of their area median income, but people at or below 80% are eligible for a $1,100 rebate.

Zoom in: The amounts are based on the county you live in, so median incomes will vary.

  • For a single Denver resident to qualify for the larger amount, they can’t earn more than $69,520. Similarly, a single person living in countries like Alamosa, Baca, Mesa and San Juan will qualify for the larger rebate if they make $48,720 or less.
  • Anyone making more than 100% of the AMI can’t get a rebate.

By the numbers: The state is using $6.6 million for the program, according to a state release, which they project could help 7,000 Coloradans purchase an e-bike.

  • The state is also allocating $3.4 million to local governments to create their own programs.

What they’re saying: “Colorado’s $10 million investment in e-bike rebate programs makes this one of the biggest statewide e-bike programs in the U.S. to date,” Sarah Thorne, a senior program manager for the Energy Office, said in a release.

Of note: You can still apply for the rebate if you live in Denver or Boulder, which both have their own programs — but you can’t combine them with the state rebate.

Be smart: The state’s website will open applications 9am Wednesday. You will need only your name and contact information to apply, and winners will be drawn by random lottery. The application window closes at 1pm Aug. 21.

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